just a duck feeding his fish.


the anime team really love this scene 


Finally!! The words in this were based off of Hiccup’s narration in the first book of the How to Train Your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell. I’ve been working on this for a few months now (on and off) and finally just finished it for the Dragons 2 release. Happy flying for those who are going to see it!!! :)

I had to oddly compress everything because of Tumblr formatting x__X make sure you click the 3 mini pictures after the first/second panel!!!


Kuroo and Kenma || palettes 1 & 16


RainStorm Rivals is a new game in development from SFB Games! (myself and my brother - we created Haunt the House and Detective Grimoire) It’s a fighting game but it really has nothing in common with traditional 2D fighters.

Various WIP bits of animation.

Some famous movie/TV characters that you may not know have been in a Disney movie


Republic City Headlines // "Just like old times?"

I could barely go through with doing this, because knowing in the end, I’d have to do the death of some of the Gaang. Thanks to Liz for helping on the headline ideas! …and to bad you can’t see the miniature Air Temple Island in flames… *sigh*