Anonymous whispered:
The SNK release date is fake. It won't be airing until 2015, I guess.

aw man :( heads up everybody this is fake


i’ve been stressed out and in a really bad mood the last couple of days so i drew my favorite soldiers to cheer me up


Where will you go 
Now you’ve no home?


The Guide

In honor of our beautiful MIA Jinora (who better come back by the next episode or two or I’m gonna flip a shit) I made an older version of her bc I think she’s so amazing and smart and majestic and just wow guys

Background: x
Chinese character for ‘spirit’: x


Kyoshi Warriors @ SakuraCon

Everything about this is just absolutely AMAZING

SO much love for all these fabulous ladies in these amazing cosplays :D


ever wanna feel really small


Coffee & flowers // LeviXPetra


Petra Pan // The Girl who wouldn’t grow up : The Lost Girls

Here is the big Lost girls masterpost I’ve been talking about ! I’m glad these are done, especially when I love them all so much !



Transparent potato in 3D Maneuver Gear cos every blog needs it.